Enduring Qualities of a Teacher

  • Jojo G Graycochea
Keywords: Enduring Qualities of a Teacher, Personal and Professional Qualities


It is said that “A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart”. The main purpose of this study was to determine the enduring qualities of teachers that pupils look for in a teacher as an input to Learning and Development Annual Plan for Teachers. The respondents of this study were the grades four, five, and six pupils of SJMEC School Year 2017-2018. Weighted mean was used to determine the enduring qualities of teachers and whether these are observed in the locale of the study and t-test to determine if significant difference on the rating of respondents on the enduring qualities of teachers exists.  The enduring personal qualities of teachers are: pleasing personal appearance, courteous, sociable, helpful, sincere, trustworthy, motherly/fatherly, gentle, intelligent, energetic, tolerant, firm, understanding, caring, and cooperative while the enduring professional qualities of teacher are: religiosity, respect of students, understanding of the learner, understanding and appreciation of the teaching profession, passion in teaching, give generous praises, trust and belief in the capabilities of students, fair, management of time wisely, discipline of the class, committed, good moral values, organize activities, dedicated, general understanding of the other branches of knowledge, good role model, mastery of the lesson, clear communication with students, understanding of teaching principles and skills in the use of techniques for their implementation, and employ varied teaching strategies.  Thus, a learning and development annual plan was designed and recommended for use by the teachers of SJMEC.

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