Values Rediscovery Program

  • Dr Alvin M Tadifa
Keywords: Values Rediscovery; Values Program; Rediscovery Program


Values are desirable trans-situational goals varying in importance that serve as principles in the life of a person or other social entity.  It influences the behavior and plays a role in practical reasoning.  This study determined the socio cultural values of grade 11 students of Senior High School of the La Union National High School. The result of this study served as the basis in the formulation of values rediscovery program. Specifically, it answered the research queries on the degree of importance of socio- cultural values and the extent of influence of the grade 11 students of LUNHS. The descriptive developmental research design was used with the questionnaire as the data gathering tool. The researcher was able to gather data from 145 students. The findings of the study showed that the degree of importance of socio cultural values of students is highly important, while the social institutions are highly influential in the socio cultural values of the respondents.  The family has a great impact on the values formation of the respondents. To strengthen the socio cultural values, appropriate values rediscovery methods/ strategies and projects/ programs were offered to ensure that every learner has a strong foundation to meet the challenges in the 21st century of values rediscovery.  In the light of the above findings, the researcher recommends the adoption of the Values Rediscovery Programs for Senior High School.

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