Work Attitude and Competency of Technology and Livelihood Education Teachers

  • Susana D Aquino
  • Dr Manolito C Manuel
Keywords: Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE), Work Attitude, Competency, Practice of Knowledge and Skills


This study aimed to assess the extent of manifestation of work attitudes and level of competencies of Technology and Livelihood Education teachers. It utilized documentary investigation and analysis in determining the status of the TLE teacher-respondents in terms of their occupational profile, the extent of manifestation of their work attitudes, and their level of competencies in relation to their teaching performance. These served as a foundation in the development of the proposed measures or program in the enhancement of their level of competencies in relation to their work as TLE teachers. It utilized descriptive-normative survey methods of research with questionnaire as the main data gathering tool.  Frequency counts, percentages, average weighted mean, ranking and Analysis of Variance were employed to answer the research problems.

Based on the Profile of Respondents, majority of the TLE teachers finished their respective Bachelor degrees, have served for not more than 10 years, were specializing in the field of agriculture and fishery technology, and majority of them attended at most 5 seminars/trainings. TLE teachers were very highly manifested in their work attitudes along with punctuality, honesty, respect, commitment and cooperation. As perceived on Level of Competency Manifested by the TLE Teachers. TLE teachers were moderately competent in terms of agricultural arts, fishery arts and industrial arts and very competent on entrepreneurship.

          Based from the findings and conclusions of this study, the following recommendations were formulated: The TLE teachers should be encouraged and motivated to pursue higher level of education in order to update and upgrade themselves specially, along their present position by undergoing more relevant trainings, and attending advanced courses or obtaining higher degree. The identified programs can be formalized and be presented to the TLE teachers for possible adoption to enhance their competency level and in turn, ensure a better teaching performance of Technology and Livelihood Education subjects.

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